Book of techniques is a space for transmitting knowledge about Batallé l’Únic products through advice, cutting and cooking techniques along with the collaboration of different chefs and the Alícia Foundation, (a center with a social vocation, dedicated to technological innovation in the kitchen, the improvement of eating habits and the valuation of the agro-food heritage).

To which meat
we refer

The pork Batallé el Único comes from a unique animal, since it has many varieties of cuts and meats, with a distinguished texture and quality. The characteristics that define it are correct traceability, good genetics, but above all, quality, aroma and an excellent flavor. You are buying authenticity: delicious meat, meat of confidence.

What do we need
to know?

  • Pork is an important source of nutrients. It stands out for its high protein content of high biological value, vitamins of group B and minerals, such as iron and zinc, basic nutrients for a good physical and psychic development, especially interesting for the elderly and growing infants and teens.
  • This meat is a very good source of mono-unsaturated fats, especially with a high content of oleic acid, a type of fat present in regular foods of the Mediterranean diet such as olive oil.
  • Pork, once a week.
  • Better little meat, but of good quality, considering both quantity and frequency recommendations.
  • Combining pork with other foods is a good option to make the meal more complete. We can encourage the consumption of other foods through dishes made with pork. Pork combines very well with vegetables, pulses, fruit, nuts and dairy products, among others.

What should
we take
into account?

The 5 motivation guidelines:

A versatile meat
It combines with many types of ingredients and facilitates a varied and balanced diet in foods. Although the cuisine proposed is simple and fast, the many possible combinations make Batallé el Único pork a meat as versatile as beef, chicken or lamb. 

A well-known meat
Do you know that pork has been present in our homes for centuries? The traditional recipes are filled with pork elaborations. We use every part of the animal! Get to know the different pieces and all the potential that Batallé el Único pig brings to the kitchen. 

An easy meat
Pork meat allows fast and easy cooking, although also more elaborate recipes, for all occasions. 

Pork meat, all year round
Pork meat can be found all year round at the butcher’s. Therefore, it can be adapted to the different ingredients and elaborations of each season. 

The butcher, your accomplice
The butcher plays an important role while taking full advantage of the pork meat.
- Cuts the meat according to your needs.
- Recommends and informs you so that you can increase the ways to prepare it in your home.
- Prepares and proposes different possibilities when using pork meat: spicy minced meat, meatballs, stuffed cuts, thin slices, wraps (“farcellets”), pâtés, marinades, among many others.

Small handbook
of good practices

  • 1. Like any product that must be kept cold, buy the meat last so as to have the meat the minimum time possible outside of the refrigerator. Once you buy it, it is important to quickly put it in the fridge.
  • 2. When you arrive at home, it is best to change it from paper or container to another clean and dry one. You can also store it wrapped with a cloth or mesentery.
  • 3. The piece of meat will keep in the refrigerator no more than 3-4 days.
  • 4. If you buy it carved or in portions, the smaller the pieces the faster they will go off.
  • 5. It is advisable to keep it covered in suitable containers to avoid absorbing other food aromas.
  • 6. Fat, in addition to providing flavor, allows the meat to not go dry and keeps it tender. However it must be remembered that if you keep the meat uncovered in the fridge it can easily adopt unwanted tastes.
  • 7. If you buy a large quantity, it is better not to stack the pieces so that they do not sweat, and also to ensure that the cold reaches the meat quickly and evenly. It is not advisable to cover it with film-type plastic if the meat must be in the refrigerator for more than one day.
  • The prolonged contact of the plastic prevents meat from breathing, causing it to sweat and go bad faster.
  • 8. Pork can be frozen, as long as it is well covered. Remember to defrost it. This must be done in the refrigerator, from one day to the next and on top of a grid, in order to separate the meat from the water that is released when it defrosts.
  • 9. At the time of freezing it, it is better to do it while it’s fresh and recently purchased.
  • 10. Remember that freezing is the best long-term conservation system, but the more time you have it, the more it will affect its quality. However, to enjoy it with all its quality, it is best to consume it fresh.
  • 11. Try to cut the meat with a sharp knife. You will make the cuts cleaner and there is a lower risk of cutting yourself.
  • 12. Keep in mind cross-contamination. Always handle the meat on a clean cutting board and above all do not mix raw meat with cooked foods.