The organisation

Batallé is made up of a group of companies that ensures the total traceability and quality of its products, and special attention shown throughout the processes.


    Swine genetics enhancement company dedicated, since 1962, to the production and commercialisation of high-quality breeder pigs. It features its own hybridisation program: TB-HIBRIDOS.


    Producer of feed supplying Batallé. Founded in 2002


    Specialised in pork carcass butchering, in addition to producing sausages and lard.


    Since 1994 it has been exporting meat products in order to meet the needs and specifications of different customers, complying with the quality standards agreed to and acquiring international renown.


    Since 1973 it has been dedicated to the slaughter and storage of carcasses in cold rooms. With facilities constantly revamped to include the most innovative technology, it is one of the best and largest slaughterhouses in Spain.


    Specialised in the curing of “el Único” hams and pork shoulders by Batallé, employing traditional methods.


Research and Innovation (R&I) are two basic pillars upon which Batallé‘s solid structure rests. Batallé has its own team of researchers working in close collaboration with scientists at various prestigious entities, such as IRTA, the University of Lleida, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and the University of Gerona, among others.

These projects frequently receive support from a large number of government entities at the regional, state and European levels.

Batallé is a member of the Catalan Association for Innovation in the Porcine Meat Sector (INNOVACC), the Catalan pork sector group that strives to improve companies’ competitiveness through innovation and cooperation.

All R&D activities are coordinated in a vertical manner, taking into account the specific needs of the Group’s different companies.