In every senseSINCE 1920

The authentic origin
and values

Our continuous efforts to improve have made it possible that our pig Batallé "el Único", is a pig which has matchless characteristics. Its taste guarantees a pleasurable experience.

Quality - A matter of principal

As we work only with our own unique pig genetics, we can master and control the entire pig nutrition-chain from the field to the farm, offering a personalized diet to each individual “el Único” pig. Our farms give the highest level of animal welfare (Slow Farming) using the latest farm technology breakthroughs. We control the entire chain from the farm to the finished product with each piece of the “el Único” being controlled precisely. It ́s “el Único” because we are passionate about the curing and drying of our hams and shoulders, this happens on the silent slopes of Sierra Nevada.

We are certified within the food industrial systems from BCR FOODS and IFS FOODS.

Our approach

"el Único” has led us to be creators of a new farming concept, which we can describe as “Slow farming”, emphasizing the strictest respect for the animal as well as the environment.

  • Team work
  • Strictest respect for the animal
  • Strictest environmental requirements

We hold “certified traceability” from the field to the final product, certified by independent auditors, the BRC and the IFS, which demonstrates approval for us to export to the most demanding world-wide markets.

Our drying facilities
in Granada

The nature of our cellars near Granada, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, with its climate of cold dry winters and hot summers with mild nights, is ideal for curing quality hams and shoulders with their highly appreciated low salt levels.

Character, taste,
tenderness and colour

Batallé "el Único” deserves special attention to the fat marbling, the soft and tender texture and to its pure reddish colour. It ́s pleasure at its purest with a highly notable difference in taste from other breeds of pork.

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A beneficial

el Único” represents pork with more unsaturated fats, especially rich in oleic acid, as well as being rich in vitamins B1, B6 and B12 and minerals.

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