Social Responsability
At Batallé, we care about our environment and all those who inhabit it. It is essential for us as a company to be a part of society and be able to improve it, by contributing in various activities spanning different fields.

As a meat company, we have a great responsibility to constantly improve and to better our work every day. Not just to offer safe and quality meat products, but also to be able to provide better opportunities for everyone.

Our commitment revolves around three pillars: Environment, Health, and Society.

These 3 pillars are intrinsically linked. We cannot achieve better Human Health without improving our Society and the Environment. Likewise, we cannot preserve the Environment without good education for our Society.

This is why at Batallé, we created our own CSR which is managed by the workers and members of the Batallé family.

We collaborate...

BATALLÉ CSR, actions from the heart.