Batallé is made up of companies that work across different phases of the pork production chain. Its business activities span the production of pigs of high genetic value and cured hams, and the marketing of cuts of meat for the global market.

Batallé’s objectives are to supply consumers with high-quality products, to guarantee their traceability, and to contribute to the social, economic and environmental improvement of the environment, today and for future generations.

Batallé’s mission is to provide society with meat products of high nutritional value, forming part of a balanced, healthy and sustainable diet.

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Our values

Batallé’s business values are rooted in family values. Effort and dedication to a job well done are the common threads woven through all the company’s activities, while learning and innovating, are two keys to on-going improvement.

Quality, on principle

Batallé’s main goal is to ensure the utmost quality and complete reliability in all its products. his is achieved through the professionalism of our team, and a genetic enhancement program designed to turn out homogeneous, high-quality meat products.

Comprehensive sanitary and hygienic verifications are carried out in all phases of the production cycle, and the company holds ISO and traceability certificates in order to ensure security throughout the process, from the farm to the consumer’s home.

Animal Welfare

Batallé strives for the pigs at its farms to be raised in a setting that meets all their physical, dietary and health requirements. Good facilities favour the animals’ welfare, as do diets tailored to their age, high sanitary standards, and proper treatment of the animals by well-trained staff.

The company’s animal welfare programs meet and often exceed the requirements established by law.
In fact, Batalle's Sanglas Farm received the Porc d’Or (Golden Pig) Diamond Award for the best Spanish farm. This site constitutes a landmark facility in the pig sector for its production, profitability, environmental respect, animal welfare, staff, and high levels of technology and sanitary standards.

Environmental sustainability and environmental protection 

Genetic improvements and the implementation of certain feeding strategies make it possible to produce pigs having a much smaller carbon footprint than that from 25 years ago. A pig today needs almost 30% less feed to reach the same live weight.

Batallé periodically performs energy efficiency studies in order to reduce energy consumption. It also promotes the use of alternative energies, such as biomass and solar energy.

Environmental protection and conservation are present in Batallé’s daily activities. A priority is to reduce the company’s environmental impact by adjusting pigs’ diets, optimising water consumption, proper waste management, and promoting a culture of recycling.

Social commitment

Batallé is committed to the promotion of a balanced and healthy human diet. Various R&D projects are being carried out whose objective is to boost the nutritional quality of the meat we produce. An example is our collaboration with scientists at the University of Lleida to obtain meat featuring a healthier fat.

In order to avert microbial resistance and its impact on human health, Batallé is involved in various initiatives to reduce the use of antibiotics in swine production.

Batallé also offers opportunities for job training to many young vocational and university students. Each year new slots are offered for students to acquire vocational training.

Batallé collaborates on an on-going basis with various entities whose main aim is the protection of children and support to vulnerable and socially excluded families.

The organisation

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A family business steeped in history


Pere Batallé, the grandfather of the current owners, initiated the activity in the areas of pig slaughter, butchering, and the artisanal production of fresh products.

  • 1962

    Selección Batallé is founded, a genetic enhancement company dedicated to the production and commercialisation of high-quality pigs and their breeding.

  • 1970

    Starting in 1970, a process of improvements, reform measures and successive expansions begin that allow the company to become a leader in its sector.

  • 1973

    At Norfirsa, a slaughterhouse forming part of Batallé, the pigs are slaughtered, and the carcasses are stored in cold rooms for their subsequent collection.

  • 1984

    Introduction of the Duroc breed into the Selección Batallé programme.


In the early 90s Batallé began to cure high-quality ham.

  • 1992

    Selección Batallé files its TB-Híbridos Hybridisation Program at the Ministry’s Official Registry.

  • 1993

    Intra-muscular fat percentage is included as a criterion for the animals’ genetic selection, with the objective of improving meat quality.

  • 2002

    The creation of Esporc® as a feed manufacturer, thus controlling the feeding of all Selección Batallé animals.

  • 2006

    Reserva Batallé modernises and expands its curing facilities in Granada. Export begins to Japan, Australia and South Korea.


Cárnica Batallé expands its facilities in Riudarenes, with new chambers and a room for the artisanal butchering of the “el Único” Duroc breed of pig.

  • 2010

    Selección Batallé opens new offices in Riudarenes.

  • 2012

    Construction in Norfrisa of a carcass stabilisation chamber for their subsequent cold transfer to cutting rooms.

  • 2016

    Homologation of Norfrisa and Cárnica Batallé for the export of meat products to China.

    The Sanglas Farm in San Cebrián de Castro (Zamora) is awarded the Porc d’Or prize by the MAPAMA (Ministry of Agriculture) for the best Spanish farm in terms of animal welfare, biosecurity and environmental management

  • 2017

    The Sanglas Farm in San Cebrián de Castro (Zamora) is given the Porc d’Or Award, with a DIAMOND distinction, for the best Spanish pig farm.


Commissioning of a facility for the fully automated washing of all types of trays, pallets and containers. Commissioning of freezing chambers for third countries, with a capacity for 6,500 pallets.


The Batallé family business turns 100! One hundred years of constant work, full of enthusiasm and always striving to commit to continuous improvement in all our processes and products.