Batallé's white pig is an animal of outstanding quality, the product of an internal selection programme devised to turn out a homogeneous meat product of the very highest quality.


Selección Batallé employs a crossbreeding programme to obtain the Batallé’s white pig. Together with a specific diet, this programme allows for the production of pigs with a high percentage of lean, and premium quality meat, thanks to the participation (25%) of the "el Único" by Batallé in the product.

High-quality meat

Carnica Batallé produces a broad range of products obtained from the white pig. When butchering, the greatest care is taken with the cutting, handling and final presentation of each piece of meat.

The cuts of meat from the Batallé’s white pig are distinguished by their fine colour, smooth texture, and delicious flavour.

Its optimal ratio between lean meat quantity and quality allows the Batallé’s white pig to stand out from other sources of pork.

The products