Ham croquettes

Croquette has its origin in France but it is recognized as a typical Spanish dish and more if the croquette is made from cured ham.


    • 100 gr. Ham Cuttings from Batallé el Único
    • 100 gr. Pork fat
    • 150 gr. Flour
    • 1 l. Milk
    • 10 gr. Salt


  • STEP 01: Heat the pork fat and stir the ham cuttings, without toasting them, add the flour and make a good roux.
  • STEP 02: Dilute with the milk that has been previously warmed and cook for about 10 minutes ensuring that the bottom does not stick.
  • STEP 03: Cool for a day.
  • STEP 04: Shape the croquettes and put through flour, egg and breadcrumbs. Put aside.
  • STEP 05: Fry in oil at 180º, ensuring that they are hot inside and crispy on the outside.