Tenderloin pork oriental style with yoghurt and citrus fruits

If you are a gourmet you will be interested in this one. Xavi Arrey, the chef from the restaurant Pati Verd brings us his recommendation of pork fillet Batallé el Único.


    • 200 grs. tenderloin Batallé el Único pork
    • 100 grs. chick-peas boiled
    • 100 grs. of lemon flesh
    • 100 grs. of “Figueres” onion
    • 50 grs. Sesame purée (tahine)
    • 50 grs. of lime flesh
    • 25 grs. of hydrated raisins with a mint infusion
    • 20 grs. of mint leaves
    • 20 grs. of honey
    • 20 grs. of sugar
    • 15 grs. of soya sauce
    • 2 grs. ground curcuma rind
    • 1 plain yogurt without sugar
    • 1 lemon juice
    • 1 tender onion
    • Boiled chick-peas water or else plain water
    • Crunchy peas with wasabi
    • Soya sprouts
    • Fresh mint
    • Pure olive oil
    • Black pepper
    • Salt


  • STEP 01: Prepare the hummus by working thoroughly with the mixer the boiled chick-peas (3/4) and the tahini (1/4).Add salt, if necessary, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil as wanted. Reserve.
  • STEP 02: Chop onion thinly, sauté the onion with oil on the frying pan until it looses its consistence, then pour sugar and cook until the onion gets candy-like, deglaze by a lemon juice, add the raisin previously hydrated dipped inside the mint infusion, ground curcuma rind, salt, black pepper and thinly chopped mint. Let the whole cook for a while and reserve.
  • STEP 03: Add to the mixture of plain yogurt along with powdered black pepper and lemon juice. Reserve.
  • STEP 04: Peel the limes and lemons and cut the meat in regular pieces. Weigh the previous and mix it with the same weight of sugar. Cook until jam is obtained. Get it out of the fire; pour the mint leaves roughly cut. Reserve.
  • STEP 05: Sauté the tender onion inside a frying pan with scarce oil, season it until it be cooked but crunchy. Reserve it.
  • STEP 06: Inside a frying pan with oil, cook the tenderloin Batallé pork until it be golden. Add the honey, candy-like, deglaze with lemon juice until evaporation, deglaze again with soya sauce and finish the cooking in the oven until the inside of the piece be light pink and the outside crust be candy-like. Cut the right portion of meat and distribute with the other elements in the plate as wanted. Refresh with fresh mint, crunchy peas with wasabi and soya sprouts.


  • This part of the pork is the tastiest and then if during the cooking we let the inside of the piece be light pink its taste should be enhanced.