Tenderloin pork with strawberries and red wine reduction sauce

A suggestive dish but simple to prepare. It is a plate that brings together the most tender part of the pork, "Batallé el Único" tenderloin, with an exquisite sauce with sweet nuances.


    • Tenderloin of


  • STEP 01: Clean the strawberries and chop them into small dices.
  • STEP 02: Add the strawberries to the pan with some butter.
  • STEP 03: Add sugar to the strawberries.
  • STEP 04: Cook with low heat, add the starch and the wine to the mixture and let it reduce to more than half of its volume.
  • STEP 05: Strain the sauce and reserve.
  • STEP 06: Season the tenderloin with salt and pepper.
  • STEP 07: Sear on all sides with high heat.
  • STEP 08: Reduce the heat until the meat is ready.
  • STEP 09: Cut the meat, add the sauce and plate it up.