Fried artichokes with ham

Artichokes are a delicacy and offer a wide variety of cooking options. Sautéed and accompanied with ham Batallé el Único are a must try.


    • 50 gr. Ham Batallé el Único
    • 150 gr. Artichokes clean
    • 30 gr. Flour
    • 5 gr. Salt


  • STEP 01: Remove the toughest leaves of the artichoke.
  • STEP 02: Cut the front part, divide in half and remove the hair from the inside.
  • STEP 03: Cut to the size of a garlic glove.
  • STEP 04: Keep in water and parsley (parsley prevents oxidation of the artichoke).
  • STEP 05: Heat a pan with oil at 180 degrees.
  • STEP 06: Salt and flour the artichokes, place them in hot oil, drain and dry with absorbent paper.
  • STEP 07: Arrange on a plate with the slices of ham Batallé el Único on top that will melt gently as a result of the heat of the artichoke.


  • It is important not to fry many artichokes at the same time, otherwise, the oil gets cold and the artichokes would not be so crispy.
  • Restaurant Maràngels
  • Chef: Xesco Mas
  • Sant Gregori Girona · Spain