Batallé el Único braised ribs with honey and brandy

Batallé el Único ribs can be cooked in a thousand different ways. American, Northern European, or Asian style. Here we have a sweet suggestion.


    • A slab of pork ribs Batallé el Único
    • A head of garlic
    • Honey
    • Brandy
    • Provencal herbs
    • Virgin olive oil
    • Salt and black pepper
    • ½ a cauliflower
    • Chopped parsley


  • STEP 01: Season the slab of ribs and sprinkle with a garlic clove.
  • STEP 02: Put it in an oven tray. Season and add whole chopped garlic and herbs.
  • STEP 03: Spread honey over and sprinkle with brandy and water.
  • STEP 04: Cover the tray with oven paper and heat at 140°C until tender (about 90 minutes).
  • STEP 05: From time to time, turn it around and spoon the cooking liquids over it.
  • STEP 06: Once cooked, take the oven paper off and turn the oven up to 200°C.
  • STEP 07: Re-spread with honey and finish cooking for a few minutes until golden brown.
  • STEP 08: Wash and grate the cauliflower with a thick grater.
  • STEP 09: Scald it for a couple of minutes and cool under the tap. Dry and put aside.
  • STEP 10: Take the meat out of the oven and cut it.
  • STEP 11: Warm the cauliflower couscous and serve with the ribs. Pour the cooking liquids over the meat and sprinkle with parsley.


  • Add a little water while cooking if necessary to preventing going dry.