Apple tatin with foie gras and Batallé el Único’s ham

These individual tarts would be a wonderful end to a Christmas dinner, especially when you realize they’re not too complicated to make. The combination of crisp pastry and buttery caramelized apples could only be improved by adding shaving of foie gras and Batallé el Único’s ham.


    • Batallé el Único's Cured Ham
    • Gala Apples
    • Puff pastry
    • Foie gras
    • Unsalted butter
    • Sugar


  • STEP 01: In a pan, warm the butter making sure it doesn't get burned. To achieve the caramel that we will incorporate into the bottom of the molds, add the sugar to the pan. Stir over in low heat until the sugar melts into a homogeneous golden brown mixture.
  • STEP 02: Pour the caramel into the base of the molds.
  • STEP 03: Clean and peal the apples, slice them into thin sections. Delicately incorporate the cuts into the mold, conformaing a rose’s corolla-like shape with them.
  • STEP 04: Extend the puff pastry and with the help of a round mold (or any similar object)cut it into circles. Cover the contents of the molds with the resulting circles.
  • STEP 05: Preheat the oven to 180 and cook the cakes for about 25 minutes at the same temperature.
  • STEP 06: Remove the Tatin cakes and with the help of a grater cover them with foie gras shavings. Give the final touch by crowning them with the Batallé el Único’s ham.