Selection, one of our distinctive elements

In Selección Batallé we genetically select the best specimens with the collaboration of Agrotecnio and the Department of Animal Science of the University of Lleida.

The aim is to achieve better quality meat, richer in oleic acid, less saturated fat and healthier. The selection is made without modifying the pig's genetics at any time; it is only a matter of matching the best candidates according to the requirements we want to promote.

What we are looking for with our careful selection is to improve the presence of intramuscular fat (the great marbling of Batallé el Único), fat that, thanks to this study, is richer in oleic acid and less and less rich in saturated fat. Nutrigenetics also stands out a lot in our study and is part of many of the efforts we make to improve meat quality, which is why in this project we are also studying how to better select the nutrition to guarantee our unbeatable quality in each animal.