Measures against COVID-19

Since the coronavirus crisis began, BATALLÉ's priorities have been and are:
• Protect the health of all workers.
• Reduce the impact of the epidemic on the activities of BATALLÉ companies.
• Guarantee the continuity of our activity and therefore the supply to the client.
• Comply with the regulations established by legislation at both the state and regional level, related to Covid-19.

To do this, some of the measures implemented to reduce exposure to COVID-19 and thus, avoid its spread within our facilities, have been and still are:
• Temperature control.
• Delivery and mandatory use of masks.
• Limited capacity in common areas.
• Increase and improvement of forced and natural ventilation.
• Increased cleaning and disinfection after each shift in common areas.
• Installation of screens where a safety distance cannot be guaranteed.
• Control of hygienic measures for access by external personnel.
• Rapid test of IGM / IGG coronavirus antibodies to workers.