Luz Maria Zamorano, it's a professional sliced of cured ham and cured shoulder.

She is a passionate woman with her work, you´ll see how she enjoys and how she transmits all her knowledge.

Recording the videos, we saw all the dedication and all the love he put both during the knife cutting and also during all the explanations. It was a great success to have her for the realization of these audiovisual materials.

With it, we made our corporate video of the dryer plant and the complete realization of some videos to teach how to cut our cured ham and also our cured shoulder. Watch de video (ESP)
The videos are available on our website, they are two full videos (in Spanish), not only focused on how to cut better with a knife, but also on how to start and finish the pieces more precisely, so that we can make better use of our cured products.

Apart from these two videos main videos, we also recorded a couple more in which we shows how our "jamonero kit" is built and also a tutorial in which we show what to do in case of loss of vacuum with your cured product.

These videos are ideal to watch just before you start the cut of the cured hams and cured shoulders that you have bought for the X-Mas holidays!
And so, surely nobody can complain about how the ham and/or the cured shoulder of Batallé el Único has been cut.