Centre Eqüestre de la Selva

At Batallé we like to promote good lifestyle habits, not only with our quality products, but also by taking part in different local projects where, day after day, we work to be better people, encouraging effort, discipline and teamwork.

Today we want to tell you about our latest sponsorship collaboration, which has been with the Centre Eqüestre de la Selva, specifically in the equipment of the athletes who practice horseback riding, you can see our sponsorship in the images both in sports trousers and jackets.

This is a discipline that dates back to time immemorial, since, according to samples of cave art dated between 20,000 and 30,000 BC, it was already being practised on horses or bulls. It is a discipline in which, from the very first moment, the turners are taught positive qualities such as companionship, honesty, respect, discipline, etc... Beyond the physical qualities that are acquired.