BATALLÉ participates in the project “GENCHAIN".

“GENCHAIN. Use of sensors and blockchain traceability applied to genetic improvement through crossbred pigs”.

Project approved in the AEI 2021b convocatory.

The genetic improvement of animals is a feasible way to adapt meat production to the
new needs of sustainability and adaptation to climate change. Efforts to improve the
ability of animals to transform feed into meat must continue in a context where the
conditions for raising animals can change significantly.
The traditional genetic improvement developed in the last 30 years has made it
possible to have pigs that are 30-35% more efficient. One of the ways to continue
improving the sustainability of the pig production system is through the application of
genetic improvement programs based on the use of information from crossbred pigs.
This improvement system is based on the control of productive yields and carcass and
meat quality in crossbred pigs resulting from the crossing of different breeds. From the
information generated, the purebred parents that produce the most efficient and best
quality pigs can be identified.

The main objective of the project is to investigate new digital technologies within a
blockchain system to improve the individual genealogical traceability of animals and
improve the sustainability of pork production.
The blockchain system will allow agri-food companies to have accurate and automated
information traceability to avoid accidental errors associated with the intervention of the
farm operator. In this way, decisions can be made quickly and in real time. It will also
allow the data of each batch to be analyzed objectively and correctly, optimizing
production processes on pig farms.

Partners of the project:
 - Inforolot SL
 - Càrnica Batallé SA
 - Berenguer Enginyers SL

Project funded by: