Batallé CSR

At Batallé we care about the environment and firmly believe that we must preserve it, which is why we have bought 2 plots of the Sils ponds (Girona) and have given their use for 10 years to the Emys Foundation so that it can start a recovery of the typical habitats of this space.

Wetlands are spaces of special interest at European level, due to the great diversity of species they contain but also due to their drastic reduction and degree of vulnerability.
The protected area in the Sils ponds and their associated habitats are a clear example.
The objective of the project is to recover some of the habitats that are currently being lost due to the desiccation of wetlands: flooded forests and temporary ponds. Some key habitats in the landscape of the La Selva depression and the fluvial terraces of the final stretch of the Tordera river.