In Batallé, we feel deeply rooted in our society and we couldn´t decline requests for material and help from the different health centers, hospitals and care homes, whether public or private, so we delivered various sanitary materials in order to offer them a better security and also try to facilitate all the work they have been doing during this pandemic.

In summary, we've delivered:

Single-use robes: 10,400 units
Hats: 500 units
Masks: 23,000 units
Jumpsuits: 400 units
Booties: 6,000 units
Protective face shields: 130 units

As a culmination and at the level of open thought, from our Batallé CSR, we have begun to go further and are fully subject to a process of introspection, so that we can take our values, not only to the external entities that receive our help and support, but we also want to transmit these values to all our human team, our workers, without whom none of this would be possible.