Batallé ends its presence at the European Fair of excellence in the Food sector Anuga 2021, with a good taste in the mouth.

Despite all the severe restrictions we have experienced, finally, a few days ago we were able to hold one of the benchmark fairs in our sector, in Cologne (Germany) with a certain normality.
Despite a lower presence of visitors, due in part to the restrictions still present in some countries, especially Asians regarding the mandatory quarantine that citizens have to pass once they have returned to their country of origin, we feel that it has been a very profit fair. Our sales representatives were able to attend to the needs of our visits without as much speed as happens in the usual fairs, so that all the clarifications of our activity were resolved and also some unexpected visitors which made this fair more interesting.

For us Anuga 2021 has been a clear demonstration that the food sector and especially the meat sector, are eager to attend in person at fairs and we all wish to be able to celebrate with a total normality, the Alimentaria 2022 fair in Barcelona with all its splendour!.