A very stylish bag

A few days ago we started delivering these reusable bags to all our customers.

It's very important for us a good management of plastics and other materials. During our day-to-day basis, we manage responsibly all the materials we use for our activity.
It's essential for us to use common sense and to be able to manage materials in a more ethical, safe and efficient way.
Now, we wanted to create this reusable shopping bag, made largely of recycled material, so that end customers who have bought our products, both fresh and cured can make the purchase with it and it´s reused for other activities.
It's comfortable, safe and light, with 2 handles that make it can be carried as a handbag or over the shoulder.
The design is inspired by our two images that we can more easily recognize in all the different materials that we have distributed in the final points of sale.

We hope that you will find it in your usual places of purchase.
Batallé is committed to sustainability and the use of reusable bags.