Considering that 100 years are not celebrated every day !, during this 2020, we will make several celebrations, one of them and perhaps the most emotional, will be the one we´ll do together with our customers and suppliers, in a few weeks time.

As you can imagine during all these 100 years, we have accumulated many experiences and anecdotes, which the Batallé family could be telling for hours.

Some of them can be heard during the broadcast of the video that we are preparing for this celebration.

We inform you that it will not be a corporate video in which we show you everything about our activity and our products, instead, it will be an emotional video, a video in which, the two main members of the Batallé family (Pere and Josep Batallé)  tell us the most human and the most emotional part of their entire career, of their entire lives.

It´s a video, in which we hope to achieve our purpose, make you thrill excited!!

Rarely do we see two gentlemen like them opening up and talking about issues as fundamental as one's feelings in relation to their personal lives and work activity.

We leave you some images during the recording of this video, don’t worry, we´ll upload it also on our website.

Familia Batallé