New corporate video of Reserva Batallé

Some time ago we informed you about the production of our corporate video of Reserva Batallé, a company dedicated to the curing process and d-boning of the dry-cured products of Batallé.

Now we want to inform you about the publication of this video on our website.

It´s a corporate video subtitled, in which we want to explain visually and graphically all the processes that follows our hams and shoulders until there are sell as Cured Ham and Cured Shoulder, Batallé el Único.

In Riudarenes (Girona) we have the cutting room, from where every week trucks leave towards our Secadero plant in Ogijares (Granada) at more than 900km. There they will follow their curing process in an individualized and controlled way.

We know at all time the loss (Shrinkage) that has the product during its curing process and it is this loss and patience, which guides us to determine when a ham or shoulder are cured.

Therefore, we can verify that each piece is unique and deserves its individualized control and treatment.

All changes and improvements in genetics, feeding, pig handling and cutting room clearly influence the final result of our dry-cured products.

I would also like to add that at Batallé, we try to do things better every day so that we can continue serving an unique product.

Thank you very much and enjoy the video!