How to cut the meaty ribs

Before cooking the meat, we can manipulate it beforehand in order to expand the range of possible elaborations. These previous manipulations come from different cuts.
You should know that many of these manipulations, even though they are designed to be done at home, can also be prepared by your butcher more accurately and considering your preferences as you wish. It may sometimes be necessary to peel or clean some part to remove any piece of fat or tissue that is not desirable.

Different cuts
on the meaty ribs


Spare Ribs with bone

Cook them as they are. The whole piece or cut it in half.
Cut it by portions of ribs together. Depending on how many ribs you want per serving.
Cut them unitarily. Ask to have them cut transversely, "churrasco" steak type.
Cut the rib. To the size you want.


Remove the bones

This method is more complex and requires time and skill. If you want to cook boned meat you have several options.
Cut it into pieces. Per portions or different sizes.
Cut (if necessary) and stuff. It is usually recommended to tie it with a cord so that it has a more uniform cooking.

Meaty ribs

The meaty ribs is the lower part of the rib that surrounds the belly of the pig. This is a very tasty meat because of the presence of fat on its lean parts, and also because it is a meat that is attached to the bone. It provides a high content of proteins of high quality and biological value, various minerals such as iron, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. In addition, it is a source of vitamins of group B highlighting vitamins B1, B3, B6 and B12. The rib can be tasted on its own or combined with other foods for stews, rice dishes, roasts or bakes.