How to cut
the loin

Before cooking the meat, we can manipulate it beforehand in order to expand the range of possible elaborations. These previous manipulations come from different cuts. You should know that many of these manipulations, even though they are designed to be done at home, can also be prepared by your butcher more accurately and considering your preferences as you wish. It may sometimes be necessary to peel or clean some part to remove any piece of fat or tissue that is not desirable.

Different ways to cut

Cook it as it is.
The entire piece of loin and cut it when serving on the table


Coat with fat or cured bacon, to give it a more mellow texture when you eat it or to avoid an outer dryness when cooked. Or cover with salt or pastry.


Cut along so that it opens like a book and stuff.
It is usually recommended to tie it with a cord so that it has a more uniform cooking.


Cut to escalopes.
Their thickness would depend on what you want to make: thin escalopes, open to make “Cordon Bleu”, stuffed rolls, etc.


Cut to dices.
Big or small, to make brochettes, sautéed, etc.


Cut to strips.
Preferably thinner to thicker.


Score it.
With a large and heavy spatula to break the fibers slightly and at the same time make thinner slices.


The loin is a cut of meat from the dorsal part of the pig. It contains a set of muscles that are located next to the spine. It is a lean meat with a lower percentage of fat and less calories than other pieces of the pig.
It provides a high protein content of high quality biological value, various minerals such as iron, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. In addition, it is a source of vitamins of group B, of which vitamin B1, B3, B6 and B12 stand out.
You can eat it in cuts, thin or thick, grind, bake or make “Cordon Bleu”.