Selección Batallé improves sustainability of pig production in the fattening period

During 2016 and 2017 an R & D project was carried out in which 4 companies of the Catalan Association of Pig Breeding and researchers of the Agroalimentary Research and Technology Institute (IRTA) participated.

Thanks to the results of the project, growth models in protein and feed consumption have been developed according to the weight of the animal. These models are very useful for the nutritionists to establish the optimal composition of the diets throughout the fattening period of pigs. With the right ingredients, the growth of the pig and the conversion ratio of the feed into meat are maximized. The knowledge of these curves allows the design of diets with which the animals have feed at will at all times minimizing the excretion of nitrogen coming from excess of protein.

These curves are available to specialists in swine nutrition who work with crossed pigs TB2 obtained from the cross of the male Pietrain Batallé with the hybrid sow TB1 (obtained from crossing a male grandfather Landrace and a grandmother sow Duroc).

Within the 2nd objective of the project, several types of crossed pigs have also been studied to assess their productive efficiency and their quality of carcass and meat.

In the third objective of the project, several types of pigs from the Duroc line destined to the production of high quality meat have been evaluated.