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Since 1920 we have constantly improved the quality of our products in every aspect. We have been raising our special purebred pigs for decades, a tradition which today represents for Batallé, a pig which truly is “el Único”. Guided by our motto “Quality - a matter of Principle”, so embedded in our company structure which ensures full traceability of our products is guaranteed. The growth and history of Batalle “el Único” has been achieved through determination, dedication and working with clear objectives.


Creative Meats

Batallé el Único, deserves special attention to the fat marbling, the soft and tender texture and to its pure reddish colour. It ́s pleasure at its purest with a highly notable difference in taste from other breeds of pork.

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Exceptional dry cured products

Taste and aroma. The curing process takes place in our drying facilities situated on the slopes of Sierra Nevada, Granada.

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Book of techniques

Book of techniques is a space for transmitting knowledge about Batallé el Único products through tips, techniques of cutting and cooking methods acquired.

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