Our breeds

Selección Batalle operates its own TB-Híbrids crossbreeding scheme, designed to achieve commercial pigs at minimum cost for the producer and maximum carcass and meat quality for the meat industry.

crossbreeding scheme

There are 4 pure breeds in the breeding programme: TB-Duroc® and TB-Landrace® in the maternal line; TB-Pietrain® and TB-Yorkshire® in the paternal line, with 5,500 purebred GGP sows. The TB-Duroc® nucleus, with 4,900 GGP sows and the TB-Pietrain® nucleus, with 400 GGP sows, are two of the largest populations of their respective breeds in Europe.

In the maternal line, we commercialise the TB-Duroc® GGP sow, the TB-Landrace® GGP boar and the hybrid sow TB-1® , the result of crossing the two breeds. In the paternal line, we produce the terminal boars TB-Pietrain® and TB-Yorkshire®.



Purebred Duroc GP sow with excellent reproductive fitness. Characterised by presenting very good mothering ability, high viable prolificacy and good milking ability and quality of weaned piglets. Her robustness can get an excellent adaptability to different types of pig farms. Its offspring produces meat with excellent quality.



Landrace purebred GP boar combining excellent maternal aptitudes with high feed efficiency and high percentage of lean meat on the carcass. Since 2009 is obtained by the norwegian pig breeding company Norsvin.



Hybrid sow produced from crossing the TB-Landrace® GP boar and the TB-Duroc® GP sow. Shows high viable prolificacy and excellent mothering ability, robustness and longevity. Their progeny have greater vitality than other genotypes.



Terminal boar that allows maximum feed efficiency and maximum carcass quality. Its main features are an excellent lean meat content, a higher percentage of primal cuts and a good daily growth rate. Ideal boar for markets that demand very lean and conformed carcasses.



Terminal boar with high sustained growth rate to heavy weights and high percentage of lean meat on carcass. Is homozygot negative for halothane gene. Ideal for heavy carcass markets used by processing industry.



Commercial hybrid pig with lower production costs. Combines excellent feed efficiency with high carcass and meat quality.