Batallé “el Único”, deserves special attention to the fat marbling, the soft and tender texture and to its pure reddish colour. It's pleasure at its purest with a highly notable difference in taste from other breeds of pork.

Discover our meat cuts
  • “Presa”

    Incomparable meat texture, perfect balance between lean meat and intramuscular fat

  • “Corona”

    One of the jewels in the crown of Batallé. Either Grilled or oven cooked

  • “Pluma”

    Intense and Aromatic Flavour

  • Tenderloin

    Valued for its juiciness

  • Cheek Medallion

    Juicy and Sweet, great for stews

  • Belly

    A cut which it's appreciated around the world for its flavour

Exceptional dry
cured products

Starting with a careful selection of the hams and shoulders “el Único”, are notable by their meat texture and optimal intramuscular fat content, the curing process takes place in our drying facilities situated on the slopes of Sierra Nevada, Granada, an area with a dry and cold climate, being the perfect ambience for the dry curing of meat.

Our well known master cureres oversee, that each piece of ham and shoulder is treated with the perfect combination of salt, curing and drying time, to finally obtain our perfectly Batallé “el Único” drycured hams and shoulders, with their unmistakable taste and aroma - A pure pleasure.

Discover our meat cuts
  • “Gran Reserva”
    Cured Ham Batallé “el Único”

  • “Gran Reserva”
    Cured Shoulder Batallé “el Único”

  • “Gran Reserva”
    Cured Shoulder
    “Corte Fácil”Batallé “el Único”

  • “Gran Reserva”
    Sliced Cured Ham
    · 100g Batallé “el Único”

  • “Gran Reserva”
    Boneless Cured Shoulder”
    Batallé “el Único”

  • Cured Loin Batallé “el Único”


“el Único” has led us to be creators of a new farming concept, which we can describe as “Slow farming”, emphasizing the strictest respect for the animal as well as the environment.

  • · Team work
  • · Strictest respect for the animal
  • · Strictest environmental requirements

We hold “certified traceability” from the field to the final product, certified by independent auditors, the BRC and the IFS, which demonstrates approval for us to export to the most demanding world-wide markets.

Tradition and quality Batallé

Único in every sense

Since 1920 we have constantly improved the quality of our products in every aspect. Guided by our motto “Quality - a matter of Principle”, so embedded in our company structure which ensures full traceability of our products is guaranteed. The growth and history of Batallé “el Único” has been achieved through determination, dedication and working with clear objectives.

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